Under what circumstances can large-scale energy development, including both power generation and fossil fuel extraction, contribute to rural sustainability? How are costs and benefits of energy choices measured and mitigated—and by whom? What influence do local stakeholders have in shaping investments in energy development and what are the outcomes of their involvement? Working with Montana State's Community Development Program and collaborators at Cornell, Pennsylvania State and University of Wyoming, I will lead a project in this research area funded by the USDA. 

Recent publications in this space include: 

Forthcoming. Haggerty M.N. and J.H. Haggerty. “Energy Development as Opportunity and Challenge in the Rural West.” Invited chapter in The Rural West: Common Regional Issues. David Danbom, editor. University of Utah Press.

Haggerty, Julia, Haggerty, Mark N., Rasker, Ray. 2014. Uneven Local Benefits of Renewable Energy in the U.S. West: Property Tax Policy Effects. Western Economics Forum XIII:1, Spring 2014.